ferments, Portland OR 

ferments, Portland OR 

Gut Feeling Series 8/12, 9/9, 10/7 @ Juniper in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 

We experience life in our bodies and yet a deep understanding of how the body and its organ systems work is de-emphasized in our culture. From a holistic perspective, the mind and body are connected to one another. As the digestive system is intrinsically tied to the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems, this series of hands on workshops will focus on the human body through the health of the gut. 

8/12/17 Using Herbs for Anxiety $40 - Food, environment, and stress all contribute to health. The lecture portion of this class will focus on the relationship between the gut and the brain. Different herbs will be discussed along with various forms of herbal preparation. This class will cover culinary herbs, teas, tinctures, and essential oils. We will make loose tea blends to take home.

9/9/17 Microbiome and Fermentation - Various culinary cultures have embraced, prepared, and eaten fermented foods for their delicious tastes and unique health benefits. Fermented foods contribute to a diverse and vibrant microbiome in the human body. This class will cover the art and science of fermentation, including a demonstration in sauerkraut preparation. 

10/7/17 Gut Health and Nutrition - Naturopathic nutrition with a focus on the healing properties of food will be addressed through discussion of the gut-brain connection in mental health, digestion, and immunity. We will discuss the foundations of a well balanced diet with a focus on local and sustainable foods. This class will emphasize root vegetables such as beets, garlic, and ginger with discussion around specific uses of these plants. Fire cider will be made to take home. 

Ramapo, October

Ramapo, October

Earth, Art, and the Human Body, Freshman Seminar, Fall 2017

Fundamentals of Biology, Lab


Ramapo College of New Jersey

Previous Coursework : Biology 101

wild-foraged edible plants, raspberries and fireweed, in Anchorage, Alaska summer 2016

wild-foraged edible plants, raspberries and fireweed, in Anchorage, Alaska summer 2016

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